Dirty Spokes Allatoona Creek Park Trail Run

April 29, 2023, 8:30am
Allatoona Creek Park
5690 Old Stilesboro Road
Acworth, GA

Dirty Spokes Allatoona Creek Park 8.15/3.85 Mile Trail Run Presented By Automation Direct

We´re excited to present the Dirty Spokes Allatoona Creek Park Spring Trail Run. Both events will start on the gravel road (required for spacing) and soon lead onto the grass and sweet dirt trails! 


The course is beautiful and offers something for every runner truly wishing to ´ditch the city´. Nestled in the woods of suburban Atlanta lies a true gem. Well groomed system of trails with gentle slopes and beautiful scenery will leave you breathless (if that doesn't, the 8.15/3.85 miles will). Both courses start on the gravel road (just past the main gravel parking area at the "sewer cap"). We will run down the gravel road and turn hard right onto Wild Cat Trail (counterclockwise). At 2.85 miles the course will split (short course turns hard left headed back to the start / finish on the gravel road NO GRASS FIELD). The long course will turn hard right at 2.85 miles and head up to Driftwood Trail (turn hard right onto Driftwood Trail Running in a counterclockwise direction). After exiting Driftwood Trail Turn hard left on to the gravel road at 7.10 miles. Stay on the Gravel Road all the way to the start / finish NO GRASS FIELD). There are 3 water stations for the long course (same spot 3 times) 1 mile, 2.85 miles and 7.15 miles (short course 2 water stations 1 mile and 2.85 miles). Once you descend into the woods, you will forget your in the city. As a matter of fact, you will come to know why we follow the creed ´Ditch the City´. From Start to Entrance to Wild Kat 1.03 Miles, Wild Kat Loop 1.86 Miles, Wild Kat to Driftwood .05 Miles, Driftwood Loop 4.26 Miles, Wild Kat to Driftwood .05 Miles, Wild Kat to Finish.

8.15 Mile Water Stations: 1 mile, 2.85 miles and 7.15 miles
3.85 Mile Water Stations: 1 mile and 2.85 miles


Awards will be given out when we have enough finishers in to fill the categories. Medals will be given out to the top three finishers in each category. Walkers are encouraged to participate; however, you should be able to complete the 8.55/4.2 mile at a 16 minute mile pace orunder to receive an official time.

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