Exhibition - Works In Stained Glass By Michael Ziegler

September 21, 2023 at 10:00am
Parr Center Theater
1201 Elizabeth Ave,
Charlotte, NC 28204

Central Piedmont instructor Michael Ziegler, brings to us the art of stained glass. Masterfully arranged by Ziegler, each individual piece of glass comes together as a whole to impart a story. This new exhibition by Ziegler showcases the fullness of stained glass in a gallery setting and will consist of several stained glass windows, lamps, glass boxes and other stained glass works. Ziegler’s artist lecture will highlight the complexity of stained glass making and the narratives encased within.

The creative process of assembling stained glass works of art is where the story begins. Ziegler takes us on a journey of selecting glass and colors for each piece. Following this initial first step, each piece of glass undergoes a significant amount of cutting and grinding as Ziegler shapes each individual glass piece to fit perfectly into a pattern. He then wraps each piece in a copper foil and solders all the individual pieces together into one unit. This insightful exhibition will introduce students to another form of art and encourage their own creative process.

Whether the story is through the process or the intentional story-telling of the maker, Michael Ziegler brings Central Piedmont a stunning display of colors, form, composition and narrative.

Events occasionally may change the details, location, and times due to weather and other factors. Please make sure to check the official site link above for up-to-date details and information.

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