Folklore Haunted House Attraction

September 23, 2023 at 7:30pm
Folklore Haunted House
5389 N Main Street
Acworth, GA 30101

NW Georgia's scariest haunted house is back! With two attractions and our Midway of Mayhem, there's no end to the terror!

Winters Estate: The Manor

Prepare to step beyond the veil of reality and into the chilling corridors of Winter's Estate, an immersive haunted house attraction that beckons you to explore the secrets of a mansion shrouded in darkness and mystery. Once the cherished abode of the enigmatic Winter's Family, this sprawling manor has now become a labyrinth of terror, where the echoes of its past resonate through the chilling air.

As you cross the threshold, you'll find yourself surrounded by an aura of unease, the mansion's architecture intertwining opulence and decay in a symphony of haunting beauty. The dimly lit halls whisper stories of a family whose lives were as enigmatic as the mansion itself. Their portraits, adorned with frosty gazes and secrets untold, hang ominously on the walls, seemingly watching your every step.

Journey deeper into the abyss, navigating through rooms that each hold a fragment of the Winter's Family's legacy. Encounter phantoms that wander aimlessly, trapped between life and death, their tales woven into the very fabric of the estate. Marvel at the ornate ballroom where celebrations once echoed, now transformed into a haunting waltz of shadows and despair.

Venture through the creaking corridors, where the walls seem to whisper and the floors groan underfoot. Uncover the study, where the family's darkest experiments and forbidden knowledge have left an indelible mark. Feel your heart race as you step into the forgotten nursery, where spectral echoes of long-lost children still linger.

But beware—within these walls, malevolent forces lurk. The specters of Winter's Estate are not content to remain confined to the past. They yearn to share their torment and despair, beckoning you into their world of otherworldly frights. As you navigate the treacherous paths of the mansion, you'll find yourself ensnared in a tapestry of fear, where the line between the living and the dead blurs and reality gives way to the unknown.

"Winter's Estate" is not merely a haunted house; it's an immersive experience that pulls you into a tale of mystery, tragedy, and terror. Will you dare to uncover the chilling secrets that lie within the manor's walls, or will you become just another lost soul, forever trapped in the shadowy grasp of the Winter's Family legacy? The choice is yours, and the nightmare awaits.

Maximum Overload: FInal Destination

Prepare for a spine-chilling journey beyond the stars as you step aboard Overload: Final Destination, a haunted house attraction that transports you to the confines of a spaceship hurtling through the cosmos, on a collision course with chaos and terror. As you venture into the heart of this interstellar nightmare, you'll discover that the boundary between reality and nightmare is as thin as the vacuum of space itself.

The moment you set foot onto the metallic corridors of the spaceship, a sense of foreboding washes over you. The vessel's once sterile halls are now marred by signs of distress—scorched walls, flickering lights, and a palpable tension that hangs in the air like a storm. It quickly becomes apparent that you're not alone on this ship. Mutated forms, once the crew members, now stalk the shadows with eyes that gleam with malevolence.

Navigate through a labyrinth of decks and chambers that resonate with the memories of the doomed mission. The control room, once the command center of this ambitious journey, now bears the marks of a desperate struggle, while the mess hall is now a nightmarish feeding ground for the mutants that roam free. The eerie hum of the ship's systems echoes in your ears, adding to the relentless sense of dread.

As you delve deeper into the abyss, you'll uncover the truth behind the ill-fated voyage—a tale of experimentation gone awry, sinister extraterrestrial forces, and the relentless drive for scientific discovery that led to the ship's inevitable descent into madness. Each room you enter holds a new horror, a fresh revelation that sends shivers down your spine.

As the mutants close in and the vessel's systems threaten to fail, you'll find yourself ensnared in a symphony of terror and chaos. Will you uncover the truth and escape the clutches of "Overload: Final Destination," or will you become just another victim aboard this intergalactic nightmare?

Prepare for a one-of-a-kind haunted house experience that defies the boundaries of space and fear. "Overload: Final Destination" promises an immersive journey into the unknown, where the stars themselves bear witness to the horrors that lurk within the confines of the spaceship. Will you survive the harrowing voyage, or will you be forever lost in the void of terror? The choice is yours, but the countdown to fear has already begun.


Midway of Mayhem

Test your skills in these horror-themed carnival games to win prizes! Step right up and see what awaits at the Midway of Mayhem! NOTE: Game tickets must be purchased separately; not included in general admission.

Buried Alive - Coffin Ride

Lay yourself to rest in the claustrophobic confines of a real coffin and take a journey as you are buried alive. This motion simulated ride features a full narrative soundtrack, casket movement, smells, animated spfx, and more. With every jolting movement, horrifying sound, and shocking twist, begs the question: How will you survive this terrifying ordeal?

Eerie Essentials

Eerie Essentials, a captivating emporium, beckons visitors to discover a collection of chilling keepsakes and haunting memorabilia. From eerie apparel that seem to stir with life to sinister snacks, Eerie Essentials offers a curated selection of macabre delights.

Whether seeking a memento to remember your spine-tingling adventure or a sinister gift for the curious souls back home, visitors find themselves bewitched by the mysterious allure of Eerie Essentials at Folklore Haunted House.

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