History Book Club: The Vikings: A History

September 19, 2023 at 6:30pm
Milton Branch Library
855 Mayfield Road
Milton, GA 30004

Sporting monikers such as Sven Forkbeard and Harald Bluetooth, the Vikings left arresting traces in saga and chronicle, in addition to their signature destruction and massacre. Ferguson synthesizes Viking scholarship for a general audience and follows the Vikings wherever they went. Spreading from Scandinavia, they entered written records as a result of raids on Britain and Ireland in the late 700s; soon the divisive Carolingian empire, and the land that would become Russia, would experience the Viking scourge as well. But along with slaves and booty came the encounter with Christianity, among whose proselytizers numbered the fearless believers who brought the Gospel to worshippers of Odin and Thor.

Copies may be available to checkout and to download through Libby and or Hoopla.

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Contact: Milton Branch

Telephone: (404) 613-4402

Email: milton.branch@fultoncountyga.gov

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