Jude Moses with Erin Williams Banks

May 26, 2023 at 7:30pm
The Evening Muse
3227 North Davidson Street
Charlotte, NC 28205
$10 – $12

Jude Moses
The Beauty is a love letter to the beauty in this world and in our lives. Songwriter and vocalist Stephen Williams sings to the mystery of the wild and reminisces on a childhood spent amongst dusty pale horses and Georgia pines. A harmonic symposium, every inch of this record is dressed with layers upon layers of carefully crafted overtures and runways. His unalloyed vocal tone-as ever, the signature element to his work.

Jude Moses, comprised of Willams and his collaborators, Jesse Proctor, Shae Wooten, and Kevin Smith each have their own musical careers and creative ventures, but in this project they come together with a shared passion for attention to detail and craft in the studio. Recorded in Seattle, Washington and Charlotte, North Carolina, co-produced by Proctor and Williams, this is Jude Moses' second record and a follow-up to their debut record We Won't Die, released in 2015. This six song album invites listeners to explore the expanse of this world and traverse the fragile earth in a new light. This is perhaps summed up best in, The Multicolored Beast, where Williams writes "I want to see the beauty of the world with you". The record is laden with tales of friendship, a hope for oneness and deep longing for the restoration of all things.

Erin Williams Banks
From the muddy South Georgia rivers to the lush Appalachian Mountains, Erin Williams Banks will take you on a journey. Her songs tell the stories of forgotten people and places, of Blue Indigo snakes and mother coyotes, and of the magic that hides in the rushes and reeds. She sees the unseen and pays attention to what others may not take the time to notice.

Her upcoming album tells of those things lost and hidden. She writes about her Grandmother with only snippets of memories and feelings ("Flour sifted rises like a cloud"), creating space for the listener to recall their own formative childhood experiences. She tells stories about the people and animals she encountered while paddling the dark waters of the Ohoopee River as it winds toward the Altamaha. In contrast to those experiences, she also explores our place among all living things and the conflict between a limited human existence in a seemingly infinite universe. "Am I getting lost tonight? One hand dripping cosmos, the other just flesh and bone." No matter the subject, she'll leave you with more questions than answers, and you just might find yourself stopping to notice things that perhaps you didn't see before.

Joining her onstage for this special event are her dear friends (and neighbors) Sarah and Kevin Deshields. Sarah is a singer-songwriter and deeply spiritual being from the rolling hills of Scotland, and her husband, Kevin, is a multi-instrumentalist one-wheeler hailing from right here in Charlotte. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

All Ages

Doors at 7pm

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