Trifecta Exhibition

May 27, 2023 at 12:00pm
Elder Gallery
1520 South Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28203

Trifecta is an experiential exhibition at Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art curated by three of Charlotte’s most influential creatives: Carla Aaron-Lopez, Davita Galloway and Ohavia Phillips.  These three women join forces and spirit to illustrate the reality of the female existence in the 21st century, using both performance and visual artwork to engage the viewer. 

Trifecta examines what it means to be a woman individually and collectively. From daily experiences to more broadly felt societal influences, the lives and choices of women are routinely scrutinized, weighed and drawn into debate.  Through narrative artwork, Trifecta offers the viewer a window into that reality:  beauty and poise, pain and strength, determination, and exhaustion.  

This exhibition pays homage not only to the strength inherent in women independently, but also to the power of women coming together.  Historically, the collective female force has effected extraordinary change.  Yet both tropes and reality can challenge unified commitment when power structures within the female dynamic are under-acknowledged, negotiated or ignored.  Trifecta takes an honest look at the complex ways communities of women experience systems of inequality and offers a creative lens on how art can help radically imagine new ways of being and seeing.

This group show features gallery artists Martha Armstrong, Carla Aaron-Lopez, and James Erickson, as well as works by Caroline Rust.  The gallery is also pleased to introduce visual artist Stacie Monday and multimedia artist Leon Parker for their debut at Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Events occasionally may change the details, location, and times due to weather and other factors. Please make sure to check the official site link above for up-to-date details and information.

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