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Neighborhood TV provides its viewers with Really Local news, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle from their neighborhood. We focus on the things you do, the places you go, and the news that affects you every day. Come back often for stories from your community that actually make a difference in your life.

Mark Neerman

Mark Neerman - News and Content
News and Content
Mark continues to be a leader of content and marketing strategy at some of the best brands in American television, most recently Vice President and News Director for CBS News San Francisco. Mark has a track record of success from San Francisco to Miami to Las Vegas, increasing ratings and revenue through innovation and collaboration. With Neighborhood TV, Neerman leads the effort to bring viewers the most relevant, engaging, and impactful content.

Christian Jennings

Christian Jennings - Atlanta Executive Producer, Host
Atlanta Executive Producer, Host
Christian oversees NTV's team of content producers for the North Metro Atlanta zone, hosts in-depth interviews with community leaders and produces exclusive news, lifestyle and entertainment content. She also hosts a daily, 30-minute show for Neighborhood TV Georgia, that focuses on stories with statewide impacts. Jennings has been with the Cox Media Group family since March of 2018.when she joined WSB-TV. Jennings is an award-winning journalist with 14 years of reporting experience at stations across the Southeast, including WALB-TV in Albany, WGNO-TV in New Orleans, and WPMI-TV in Mobile. She loves travel, cats and coffee! But her greatest joy is being a mom to a beautiful 4-year-old.

Leah Sanders

Leah Sanders - Charlotte Executive Producer
Charlotte Executive Producer
Leah oversees Neighborhood TV's team of content producers. She is a 30-year veteran of news and entertainment programming with the last 18 years spent as a Senior Producer for NBC/E! Entertainment. Prior to that she worked 10 + years as a news anchor, reporter and producer for network affiliates. From the Academy Awards to national, regional, and local new stories of interest, she's covered it all. Her work centers on impactful storytelling, community building, audience engagement, and brand alignment through meticulous attention to detail, collaboration, and clear communication with her team. Leah holds a master's degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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