Cox Launches Neighborhood TV, A Hyperlocal Streaming News Service

The Cox Media Group (CMG) announced the launch of a free ad supported (a.k.a. FAST channel) local streaming news service called Neighborhood TV (NTV). At the onset, the service will be available in Atlanta and Charlotte, two of the markets where Cox also owns a local broadcast station. CMG said a beta test in those... Read More

Exclusive: Cox Media Group launches hyper-local streaming service Neighborhood TV

Local broadcast company Cox Media Group is launching a hyper-local streaming network called Neighborhood TV, in partnership with McClatchy, its executive chair Steve Pruett told Axios... Read More

Cox Media Group Launches Local FAST News Service Neighborhood TV

Cox Media Group is launching a free local ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) news service called Neighborhood TV. Available as app on desktop and mobile devices in Atlanta and Charlotte, N.C., the platform... Read More

Cox Media Streams Hyperlocal News With Neighborhood TV

Broadcasting & Cable
Cox Media Group said it has launched Neighborhood TV, a free ad-supported streaming service that focuses on neighborhoods in the markets where it owns broadcast stations. The service was tested on desktop and mobile devices in 70 neighborhoods... Read More

Cox Media launches ad-supported streaming local news service Neighborhood TV

Stream TV Insider
Cox Media Group is zeroing in on hyper local news with the launch of a free ad-supported streaming local news service and FAST channel called Neighborhood TV. CMG said the service is an extension of the broadcaster's linear TV business... Read More

Breaking: Cox Launches Hyperlocal Streaming Service Called Neighborhood TV in Over 100 Zones

The Streamable
Are you a cord-cutter who's afraid of losing touch with the goings-on in your neighborhood? If so, Cox Media Group has the streaming platform for you. According to an exclusive report by Axios, the cable provider is launching a new streaming service called "Neighborhood TV", which will provide 24/7 content feeds to viewers'... Read More

Cox Media Group Follows Search Engines Into Really Local News And Reach

Cox Media Group (CMG) has followed search engines like Google and Microsoft, as well as platforms like Nextdoor and Facebook, into the world of community local news. The goal is to attract small local advertisers and national advertisers... Read More

Cox Launches Free Hyper-Local Streaming Network Neighborhood TV

Cord Cutter News
Local broadcast company Cox Media Group is looking to offer audiences a hyper-local view of their community with a new streaming network called Neighborhood TV. The network will publicly launch on Tuesday, but has been in a trial mode in Atalanta and Charlotte, according to Axios, which first reported on the channel. The site is live and offers... Read More

Cox Media Group Launches Neighborhood TV

TV Technology
Cox Media Group (CMG) has launched a local streaming news service called Neighborhood TV (NTV) that's free and ad-supported. NTV has been available in test mode on desktop and mobile in Atlanta and Charlotte and is already generating more than 100 million impressions monthly, CMG said. It is expected... Read More

The People In Your Neighborhood Now Includes CMG

Radio + Television
In mid-March, it began offering "the latest and greatest community news, happenings, and insider info" in the northern portion of the Atlanta metropolitan area and the northern areas of Charlotte, with more ZIP code-specific areas promised by Cox Media Group. Now, it is formally introducing the South's two biggest markets to Neighborhood TV... Read More

Cox Neighborhood TV is a Really Local Streaming Service

Streaming Better
Cox has launched a new Neighborhood TV streaming service that's designed to provide access to local content. While there are plenty of services and channels offering access to local content, Neighborhood TV focuses on really local content... Read More

Cox NeighborhoodTV Looks To Reboot Hyperlocal

TV News Check
Shortly after Mark Neerman joined Cox Media Group last year, after serving as VP and news director of the 24-hour streaming network CBS News Bay Area, he says his new boss, Executive Chairman Steve Pruett, gifted him the ultimate puzzle. Neerman had to piece together a news programming initiative that would be engaging and relevant to viewers in metro area micro-markets, meet audiences where they are ,on digital, and was, of course, economically viable... Read More
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