Juneteenth Atlanta Parade and Music Festival

June 22, 2024 at 10:00am
Piedmont Park
Atlanta, GA 30301

Juneteenth Atlanta Parade and Music Festival

"Striving To Be The Number One Sustainable Event in America"

We're expanding |100+ acres of activities

Celebrating 120 Years of Arts and Culture at Piedmont Park 1904-2024

Welcome to the official website of the 12th Annual Juneteenth Atlanta Parade and Music Festival. This high-spirited celebration of freedom, unity, and equality offers six (6) stages and is known for filling the atmosphere and the streets of Atlanta with the soulful sounds of live music, the pleasant aromas of sage, myrrh and frankincense, the amazing hand-made merchandise from local and international vendors, mouthwatering cuisines, and an array of immersive cultural activities for all attendees. To heighten this already extraordinary experience, the event bolsters a Georgia United, vibrant, televised Juneteenth Black History Parade (June 21, 2024) featuring captivating floats, fly-over jets, colorful dance troops, community youth organizations, mesmerizing marching bands, and esteemed local and national dignitaries from every city in the state of Georgia. Join us as we commemorate the historic weekend of Juneteenth, marking the emancipation of enslaved Aboriginals in America. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this monumental event where community, equality, human rights, and justice for all merge together to create a better world for future generations.

Thank you for making Juneteenth Atlanta one of the largest sustainable Juneteenth Celebrations in the world!

Let's Go Green!

Get On Up! Get Into it! Get Involved!


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Our Juneteenth Televised Black History Parade goal is to have statewide representation that includes participation from every city in Georgia for a collective televised parade that displays statewide unity, exemplifies cooperative economics and covers every aspect of black history. We will unite and commemorate our ancestors by reenacting their struggle for freedom.

Georgia United
Black History Parade

Parade Themes:
Reparations Over Everything
True Identity=True Freedom
Help us build the largest Black History Parade in the world.

Parade Starts at 12 Noon

Line up to watch the parade from The Martin Luther King Center
Stand on the street on Boulevard from Auburn Avenue to 10th Street

After the parade Join us at Piedmont Park. We're celebrating 120 anniversary of art and culture at Piedmont Park
June 21-23, 2024 | All Day Everyday | Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Juneteenth Atlanta

Event Includes:

National Artists | National Speakers
United Nations Human Rights Forum
Panel Discussions & Speakers Pound
Correct Your Status Forum
All New Car, Low Rider, Truck, Bike & Buggy Show
American Indian Drum Circle
Cultural Arts & Film Presentations
Magic Zone Youth Arena | Everything for Youth
Amusement Rides
2 Portable Fishing Ponds,
Battle Slam Ring
Jack Johnson Boxing Ring
Band Battles, Majorettes Competitions
Chess Tables, Board Games, Family Activities
Young and Gifted Children's Activity Areas
Flag Raising | Reenactments | General Order #3
Youth Summer Camp
Martial Arts and Family Self Defense
Supreme Father’s Day Weekend Celebration
400 Community Vendors | Artist’s Market
Food Trucks | Beverages
Televised Juneteenth Black History Parade
African Drum & Dance Powwow
The Ultimate Family Reunion Packages
Juneteenth Atlanta The Movie
Wholistic Healers Santurary (By Reservation)
Yoga, Meditation Field
Juneteenth Atlanta 5k Freedom Run/Walk/Roll
Bounce Houses/Face Painting/Art
Marching Horses | Kite Flying
Over 40 Double Dutch Culture

Juneteenth Band

Juneteenth Atlanta has Officially formed its own Marching Band: The RBG 400 Marching Band.
As you can imagine, we are looking for the absolute BEST of the Best! Rather you are currently among the best in High School, College, was the best in High School, College, or the Military, or you are STILL THE BEST, we want you!!

By- TJ Sauce Kid
Juneteenth Atlanta Favorite!
Follow TJ Sauce Kid on all Platforms
Produced by his father T'Juan

International Music Ambassador-In-Chief!


Grammy award winning tenor saxophonist, Kebbi Williams is one of contemporary music’s whirlwind improvisers. The imaginative multi-instrumentalist/ composer/producer/arranger/teacher resists categorization. His innovative sound dives, blends and jumpstarts all music genres. Kebbi bends it to his will with his robust, distinct blasts.  His playing and compositions create a sound that is uniquely and undeniably his own. Additionally, he fronts his own Atlanta band, The Wolf Pack. “When determining how badass a band truly is, its live show can’t just be good. The sheer physicality of its performance must force patrons to shut up and listen. No Atlanta band pulls off this feat with as much originality and force as The Wolfpack.”

Juneteenth Atlanta Community Ambassador


Jeremiah Dawson is lyrical artist and a talented actor! His music has long been a vehicle for expressing his aspirations. His unique point of view stems from the circumstances he overcame growing up in Atlanta’s Adamsville neighborhood— He made his first musical contributions as a part of the rap group, Southern Conspiracy that included J-Sho and Dirty Red. He later founded his independent music label King-Being-Records, whose motto is “Keep God first, get money, then do something with it.” He's shared the stage with some of hip hop’s biggest acts such as: Gucci Mane, Bo Hagon F.L.Y., Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz, J Money, and Wingo (of Jagged Edge). He has also partnered with Outlaws, Dungeon family, Bobby Creekwater, Legion of Doom, Cocco Brother, Bo hagon, Gucci man, Dj Jelly, Dj Razah, Dj Xrated, Attic Crew, Pastor Troy, Mannie Fresh, Ludacris, Rich Kidz, Trick Daddy, Killer Mike, and Young Dro. Jeremiah has played leading roles in recent film series such as Atlanta Avenue, and the movies Daves Dispensary, and Street Genius,  He's the founder of The Uplift Atlanta Project, an organization that feeds and clothes the homeless and Summer Safe Atlanta an oranization that provides a safe and positive environment for inner city youth during their summer break with the goal of instilling morals, values, and building blocks needed for a successful future while keeping them safe from violence.

Juneteenth Atlanta Stage Ambassador


Shar Bates is a Broadcast graduate of Television & Radio Broadcast and Production. In 2011, she founded the Non Profit: Breaking the Chains, where she has launched several mentor programs that have raised school/program attendance by over 30% for middle school and high school students. All while simultaneously leading and hosting nationwide community relief events, local health and "edu-tainment" teen summits, and Music Events in Atlanta since 2008. Holding a Certification in TV & Radio Broadcast & Production, Shar Bates has just launched her own Creative Community Center with the first full recording studio for teens in Atlanta,GA, and a Production & Event Space for adults via Shar Bates Studios. Which invests into the Youth’s Creative Talents through Creative Mentorship Programs, while creating a platform for Content Creators and Creatives to save time and money while building their business. In addition she created “Garden of Hip Hop,” the 1st Family Friendly Hip Hop Festival catered towards Hip Hop Going Green. Her work has been featured in countless publications, including the latest mini-documentary series on her life by BET via Rebel With A Cause.

Juneteenth Atlanta Gospel Stage Ambassador

Pastor St. Clair: Bridging the Gap Between God and the Streets**

Born and raised in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, St. Claire's journey has been one of redemption and transformation. Growing up amidst financial struggles, domestic violence, and the pervasive influence of drugs and gang violence, he experienced firsthand the harsh realities of his community. At the tender age of 11, St. Claire faced the traumatic divorce of his parents, leaving him to navigate his formative years without the presence of a father figure. This void led him down a dark path, marked by association with gangs, violent behavior, substance abuse, and criminal activity. However, amidst the chaos and destruction of his former lifestyle, St. Claire experienced a profound spiritual awakening. Fueled by a desire for change and guided by a newfound faith, he embarked on a journey of repentance and transformation. Rejecting the negativity and violence that once defined his existence, St. Claire embraced a new identity as a beacon of light in his community. Armed with love as his weapon and fueled by a heart of repentance, he embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between God and the streets. St. Claire's music serves as a powerful testament to his journey of redemption. With a sound rooted in the realities of urban life, his lyrics pierce the heart and shake the soul, awakening the spirit within. As a contemporary Christian rap artist, St. Claire's music reflects his experiences with gangs, brokenness, and tragedy, offering hope and inspiration to those who resonate with his message. Beyond his music, St. Claire is a dedicated leader and advocate for positive change in his community. As the Westside Director of Programs for Restore Life, he is committed to empowering youth and transforming lives through creative programming and mentorship.

Juneteenth Karaoke FLASHBACK!

6 Stages!
Three Big Days! 


10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

STAGE 2   

10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.



10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.


10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.


10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.


10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

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