Memorial Day Weekend “Art Therapy” Yoga with Serenity Sessions in Buckhead

May 25, 2024 at 11:00am
Buckhead Art & Company, 288 Buckhead Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30305

As a part of Buckhead Art & Company's health and wellness initiatives, this yoga experience encourages positive mental and physical health practices, the gathering of a wellness community, and art therapy!


- Yoga Mat


Doors WILL be locked once class starts for safety purposes as well as to not interrupt the experience of our students. (But mostly for safety and peace of mind). Please arrive a few minutes early to find parking and get settled in. Once the doors are locked, they are locked!

Doors open: 10:30am EST

Class Starts: 11:00am EST

Duration: 60 minutes: Gentle Yoga: 45 min + Soundbowl Meditation: 15 min

**Event Highlights**

Gentle Yoga: Dive deep into the serenity of yin yoga, where each asana becomes a gentle embrace, releasing tension and cultivating a profound sense of balance and tranquility. Let this practice be a celebration of self-love, as you gracefully harmonize both body and mind.

Sound Bowl Therapy: Harness the soothing vibrations to target your heart chakra, guiding you into a space of inner alignment and affectionate self-discovery

Mindful Self-Reflection: Engage in meaningful conversations about self-love. Share experiences, insights, and reflections with fellow attendees, creating a supportive and uplifting community.

Tranquil Atmosphere: The serene ambiance of Buckhead Art & Company provides the perfect backdrop for an evening of introspection and connection.

Limited Tickets: Secure your spot for this exclusive event. Embrace the opportunity to unwind, connect, and discover the tranquility within.

We look forward to sharing this special experience with you!

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